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What are ChoreWare's advantages?
  1. There is no handwriting required with ChoreWare — effectively eliminating hours from the creation of a chore system.
  2. Extremely little typing is required — mostly checkboxes and drop-down lists are used!
  3. Easily create pre-reader cards with one click!
  4. Add your children into ChoreWare, and you'll never have to type their names in again!
  5. ChoreWare has a quick and responsive interface.
  6. ChoreWare saves your chore system, so that you can easily update it in the future, or print off extra Chore Cards.
  7. Easily customize Frequency, When, and Category lists.

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ChoreWare - Step by Step
Step #1:
Select Chores
(for Personalized Chore List)
Check your Master List items that you would like.
Search for items with the Master List search feature.
Use the Master List assistant to aid your searching for chores.
Step #2:
Personalize Chore List
Easily modify chores names or categories with the click of the mouse.
Delete unnecessary chores.
Add new chores not found on the Master List.
Choose pre-reader pictures (only if you have a pre-reader child) with a handy selector.
Step #3:
Set Chore's Estimated Time
Quickly type in a default estimated time for each chore, and then press tab.
The current chore you are setting the default estimated time for becomes bolded.
Step #4:
Set Chore's Frequency
Select from a drop-down list the default frequency for each chore.
The current chore that you are setting the default frequency for is bolded.
Step #6:
Set Up ChorePacks
Easily create assignments with drop-down lists.
What you entered into the Estimated Time and Frequency Steps (Steps #3 and #4) is automatically entered in.
Easily modify or delete the assignments you have made.
Step #6:
Set Up ChorePacks
Quickly create your ChorePacks with a few clicks.
Easily add the assignments you created in Step #5 to the ChorePacks.
Modify the ChorePacks Chore Assignment's sequence with a click of a button.
Easily group ChorePack Chore Assignments onto one group card with a couple clicks.
Step #7:
Print ChorePacks
Choose any combination of ChorePacks (and all of their respective Chore Cards) and individual Chore Cards that you would like to print.
Prints three Chore Cards per row to maximize paper usage.

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