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What is "screen resolution"?
What you are viewing right now (on your monitor) is thousands of tiny colors, that blend together to get the whole picture. Resolution is how large those tiny colors are on your screen. The bigger the colors (called pixels) are (meaning the lower the resolution), the bigger the text and other graphics are on the screen, and the less overall that you can see. However, the higher the resolution, the smaller the text, and therefore you can see more on your screen.
What is my screen resolution?
To find your screen resolution (on Windows), perform the following:

  1. Minimize all open programs
  2. Right-click on your background > Click Properties > Click the Settings tab
  3. There is a slider that is titled "Screen Resolution". The farther that the slider is to the right, the higher the resolution. The text should be at least "1024 by 768 pixels" for ChoreWare to work properly.
  4. To set the resolution to work with ChoreWare:
    1. Follow the above directions to get into the resolution display panel.
    2. Move the resolution to the right until the text below the slider says "1024 by 768 pixels".
    3. Click Apply.
    4. Your screen will go blank for a few seconds, and a message box will appear.
    5. If everything still looks good, click Yes to the message box, otherwise click No to revert back to the original settings.
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